We built the HotelQuickly app to make spontaneous hotel bookings convenient and rewarding. With the introduction of the Apple Watch, we’re taking this to the next level. Working seamlessly together with your iPhone, the HotelQuickly Apple Watch app brings you the most relevant HotelQuickly features to help you with a smooth check-in experience.

The HotelQuickly Apple Watch app does not serve as a replacement for the app on your iPhone (trust us on this one, booking a hotel room on a tiny screen is not convenient at all), but brings you some very handy additional features to simplify your check-in:

  • Receive all the relevant booking details right on your wrist. Browse through your current and previous bookings and find the hotel name, booking reference number, arrival date and hotel’s phone number. To view more details, simple grab your iPhone, your booking details screen will open automatically.
  • The Apple Watch app makes reaching your hotel in a new city a breeze. Open your recent booking and press it for two seconds to open the map feature. The app will show you the address in both English and the local language. Show it to the taxi driver to avoid literally getting lost in translation! Press the map for two seconds and we’ll automatically open the hotel location in the Maps app on the Apple Watch for you. With step-by-step directions right there on your wrist, finding your way to the hotel couldn’t be easier!
  • With the HotelQuickly app on your wrist, there’s no way you could miss any important notifications. Enable incoming notifications and get timely alerts on your booking status. Don’t worry, we won’t send you loud push messages and annoying pop-ups, just a gentle tap on your wrist.
  • With the ‘handoff’ feature, you can use HotelQuickly on your iPhone right where you left off at the Apple Watch app. Open hotel details, booking confirmation and hotel listings within one swipe on your phone.

To use the free HotelQuickly Apple Watch app, simply download the HotelQuickly app on your iPhone 5C, 5S, 6 or 6+ and enable the Apple Watch synchronisation.

Check out HotelQuickly with my promo code to get 200 HKD (about 26 USD)  credit.


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